Tips to Ensure Your Windows are Safe for Pets

Pets love to sit by the window and watch the activities going on outside. In the warmer months, they may get the added benefit of a nice breeze if their owner decides to crack the window open. Leaving the window open can be a hazard, however, if the pet gets too close to the ledge. Even with screens, there is a risk that a cat or dog could take a tumble.

The Downfall of Standard Screens

Standard screens are great for letting a breeze in while keeping debris out, but they are not great for keeping pets in. An excited pet could easily claw its way through a screen to jump outside. Sleepier lean-heavy pets could also fall through a standard screen if too much weight is applied.

To avoid unnecessary screen replacements and potential injury to your pets, you could close your window, but this limits ventilation and takes away an enjoyable activity for your pet. Installing a pet-proof screen or fixture can make the window a safe place for your pet to enjoy the sounds and breeze of the outdoors.

Pet-Resistant Screen Fabric

Fiberglass tough door screen material is a durable alternative to standard window screens. The sturdy material was originally made for luggage and is scratch-resistant so you don’t have to worry about tears. If installed correctly, the fiberglass fabric should say in place so pets cannot push through it. Use a glass shop or window contractor to ensure the installation is handled with the proper care.

Window Grill Guards

Some pet owners like to use grill guards to secure their windows. These guards are made from heavy-duty metals, usually steel, and act as a fence around the window. Pre-made grill guards are available for windows and screen doors. While extremely secure, guards are not visually appealing and tend to block out the window view. Grill guards can be installed by the homeowner but it is recommended to have the installation done by a professional with the appropriate measuring equipment.

Pet-proofing your windows will secure the openings in your home so your cats, dogs, or other animals can safely enjoy their favorite spot. Standard screens simply may stand up to the scratches and pressure of pets. Try fiberglass screen fabric or a window grill guard to pet-proof your windows, and utilize the expertise of a professional to ensure the installation is done properly.