Windows for Popular Florida Home Styles

The Best Windows for Popular Florida Homes

New windows and doors can instantly boost curb appeal and property value while reducing energy bills. If you want to update, Indian River Glass can help you find the perfect design to match your home’s style and your personal taste. We serve a variety of property types, so we have the experience to match you with the best option.

Update or Totally Replace?

The first consideration is whether you want to replace your windows with a modern version of the same style or add something entirely new. While changing the size and shape of windows can be costlier, it also yields greater changes – and often more value. For renovations on a tighter budget, it might be smarter to install a higher-quality variant of the same style.

If you’re changing the windows completely, consider the frame shape and type. Many contemporary Florida homes display paned windows, as they complement most styles. They offer ample light and generally need less preparation for storms, because they’re smaller. This classic style is also cost effective.

Modern designs may boast oversized solid glass. In these homes, open space is emphasized. Large windows help create this effect. Residences built with Cuban or Spanish influences typically employ arched shapes. These rounded windows complement the arches in other sections of the home, like doorways and verandas. Browsing house plans can give you realistic ideas of what best matches your layout.

How Does the Window Open?

The way the window opens is another factor to consider. Single and double-hung windows are the most common and perhaps the simplest choice. Singles and doubles both open by sliding the bottom sash upward, and doubles can also be opened from the top down. Casement windows hinge at the side and swing outward, while the awning style hinges at the top. Finally, there are sliders, which simply glide to one side or another.

Whatever type of window you’re looking for, Indian River Glass is happy to help find and professionally install the style you need.

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