Your Windows During Hurricane Season

Three Ways to Protect Your Windows From Hurricanes

Hurricane season has been relatively calm thus far, but Florida residents should always be aware of the risk of these maelstroms. Torrential rain and severe wind can damage your property – windows and doors in particular. Every homeowner should know the basics of safeguarding their residences as well as which doors and windows are strongest.

The windows and doors from Indian River Glass are always top quality, but during hurricanes, small rocks and other debris can smash into your home as fast as 155 mph. That’s why it’s important to cover any glass exposed to the elements properly.

What Do You Need to Withstand a Hurricane?

Hurricane film is one choice. This plastic covering is clear and unobtrusive, so you can leave it in place year-round. Most films reduce UV light as well, so fabrics and carpet don’t fade as much. While hurricane film keeps glass from splintering and becoming shrapnel, it doesn’t strengthen the frame. The window could still blow in.

Plywood is another common choice – perhaps more common than films. It’s an extremely cost-effective option, averaging $1-$2 per square foot when you do it yourself. Everyone can access plywood, and little is required in the way of tools and know-how. Similar panes of steel, plastic, and composite are good alternatives, although they are pricier. The downside to these physical barriers is that you must put them up directly before the storm and take them down afterward. Installation sometimes damages your walls or window frames.

Storm shutters are the most effective option, but they’re also the most permanent. These guards mount above doors and windows and roll open or shut per your needs. They’re similar to blinds in your house and are much easier to deploy than plywood. Many storm shutters come in coordinating colors and styles that can complement your house, but this is generally a very expensive option.

What Needs the Most Protection?

The larger the door or window, the more likely it is to blow out from the force of the wind. Bay windows, garage doors, and sliding glass doors require the most protection. Homeowners may choose to mix and match methods to ensure that the most vulnerable areas are covered.

With our management team’s more than 130 years of combined experience, Indian River Glass can help you choose the right defense for your home.

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