Protecting Your Windows From Summer Bugs

Three Ways to Protect Your Windows From Insects

Summertime means longer days, extra sunshine, and high temperatures. Unfortunately, it also means insects are out in force. They stick to your car when you’re driving and can plaster against your house as well – especially if you live near the water. Luckily, there are several things you can do to protect your home and vehicle from insects.

Keep Them From Entering

The first line of defense is simple: Physically prevent insects from entering. While no barrier is completely perfect, a fresh seal can make it much harder for them to get in. If your windows and doors are old, consider replacing them completely. Indian River Glass offers tons of beautiful styles and sizes, and our professional installation means you get the best seals possible. If your home is newer, you can add door guards to the sill. A bead of silicone around windows and frames is another excellent practice. In your vehicle, regularly check that the weather stripping functions properly.

To strengthen this line of defense, add a chemical barrier. Whether you choose professional services or go the DIY route, insecticide around the foundation of your property will repel and kill insects for up to three months. There are natural versions as well. Certain essential oils (rosemary, lavender, citronella, and peppermint) can keep pests at bay. They also work fabulously in your car and can add a touch of freshness.

Discourage Them From Entering

For further protection against insect intrusion, build a cultural barrier. Bugs are less likely to enter your home or car if there’s no benefit for them. Move plants away from the foundation, and trim any trees that touch your house. They can actually provide a bridge for bugs to cross repellent. Clean up debris including leaves and firewood. Many insects rely on spaces like these for shelter, and placing rubble farther from your home can keep bugs at a distance. And of course, store pet and human food properly to avoid attracting bugs.

With a bit of attention and regular maintenance, it’s easy to keep bugs where they belong. If you have any questions regarding insect proofing your windows and doors, feel free to call us.

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