Four Ways to Winterize Your Windows

How to Winterize Your Windows Effectively

Florida is known for its hot summers and clear skies, but the Sunshine State isn’t completely exempt from winter either. It may seem too early to mention cool weather, but it’s best to be prepared and start the process ahead of time. You can enjoy more comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills with just a few simple tips.

Keep the Cold Air Outside

Caulk the exterior of your windows. Silicones generally are easiest to use and most effective, but exterior grade acrylic caulk works as well. Scrape off old caulk with a putty knife or similar tool. Remove any weather-stripping. Clean all the surfaces with soap and water and let them dry. Apply a fresh bead of caulk around the frame, and you’re good to go. Repeat the process inside for added protection.

Weather-stripping: Once the caulk is dry, use weather-stripping to seal around the sash (the moving part of the window that opens and closes). There are several kinds of weather-stripping to choose from, and your selection will likely depend on how frequently you open your windows. Adhesive-backed foam, for example, compresses easily when the window is open but springs back once it’s closed. Rubber gasket and V-seal style strips are generally better suited for windows that will remain shut.

Draft blockers: The window sash may not meet the frame correctly if your windows are old. You can purchase draft blockers that place a piece of foam on both sides of the sash. Once shut, the air is trapped in place, and there will be no more cool breezes. These are also awesome for doors and unused spare rooms.

Add Insulation Too

Window insulation kits include a plastic sheet that covers the entire window. The material shrinks for a tight fit when you apply heat. Kits like this serve double duty, keeping drafts out and radiant heat inside, where it’s needed.

It’s always smart to winterize your windows and make your home more energy efficient. New windows can be even more effective for long-term cost efficiency. If you’re interested in replacing any of the windows or doors in your home, ask for a free estimate from Indian River Glass.

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