Childproofing Your Windows

Five Steps to Childproofing Your Windows

Children are curious, and it seems that the younger they are, the more they get into. Keeping your windows safe for little ones, for example, can be a matter of life and death. Use these tips to stay prepared:

  • Childproof locks: For many families, the first line of defense is a simple childproof lock. These work well on single and double-hung windows, which are the most common. Inexpensive and easy to install, you can improve the safety in every room in a matter of minutes. They can also keep guests from unlatching the windows against your will.
  • Window guards: If you frequently open and close your windows, the locks will only help if they’re closed. Window guards are another fantastic option. These barriers often come in the form of several sturdy bars that cross the opening. The right option will mount securely and have gaps too small for your child’s head to fit through. A benefit of this style is that your family can still enjoy fresh air and light without worry.

    You must take precautions with homes that have oversized windows or sliding doors. First, you should remove heavy objects or anything particularly hard from the area. It only takes a few seconds for a child to smack something against the glass! Safety film is an additional measure to consider. This specialized plastic holds the glass together, even if it’s broken. That means no shards flying around should something happen.

  • • Window stops: These are another wonderful choice. Wedge styles work on a variety of windows and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Placing them tight against the sash will ensure that it remains shut. Alternatively, you can install them so that the window can open no further than 4 inches. Like the guards, this allows fresh air in but keeps the kids safe.

Indian River Glass specializes in high-quality windows and doors, and many of these options are designed with safety at the forefront. Ask about adding our impact-resistant options to your plan for even greater peace of mind.

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